High Hopes

I took me a trip to Kawakawa Bay on Lake Taupo with the university alpine club to do some climbing. Between seeing blue-green specks of magic (glow-worms) and climbing towering faces of rhyolite high above the lake, I have to conclude that it was a decent experience. But seriously… Ten out of ten would recommend.

View from the top of a climb. Our campsite was in the trees down by the yachts.
The famous K Bay. The climbing areas are the rocks you see there on the left, and there are some more around the point.

Let’s start with the gettting-to-know-people part. I think I knew, um, zero people there? Theme of the semester! Here’s an excerpt of one conversation I had.

Reed “So where ya from?”

Me “Wisconsin, in the US”

Reed “Oh yeayea” *nods head*

Me “You know where that is?” *me not used to people in New Zealand knowing where Wisconsin is* *but Reed is from Colorado I think?*

Reed “Yeah my ex girlfriend is from Wisconsin”

Me “Oh”

Luke *from Iowa* “Aren’t all of our ex-girlfriends from Wisconsin.”

Me “Huh?”

Luke “I have an ex girlfriend from Wisconsin too”

Me *lol* *awkward*

So yeah I climbed some rock too! I did a route called “High Hopes” (5.8) which can be done in two pitches, or just “one long awesome pitch,” according to the guide-pamphlet thing. So we did it in “one long awesome pitch.”

Marty leads High Hopes.

Though you could name the experience something like “Epic Wilderness Adventure” or “Hard Core Climbing in Backcountry New Zealand,” that wouldn’t accurately describe the experience. Here are some more accurate titles:

  • Sandra Must Dig to the Bottom of Her Backpack Every Single Time She Needs Something
  • Sandra Gets Lost Walking Back to Camp in Dark
  • Sandra Does Not Have a Tent so She Sleeps on the Shelter Floor
  • Sandra Takes an Exorbitant Amount of Average Photos of the Mountains Across the Lake

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The ride back to Palmy was quite eventful as well. We stopped at a local, organic little cafe (known to some as McDonald’s) for a delicious and nutritious supper. However, some people in our group did not have shoes on.

Sam “What’s the shoe policy at Macca’s?”

Phillip “I don’t think they have one.”

Sam “Dank as.”

These guac and salsa fries are loaded as.

*To see the Exorbitant Amount of Average Photos I took, follow this link.


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